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Transform Direct Mail Research into Team-Building Gold with a Pizza-Powered Contest

In a world of digital marketing, direct mail still holds sway, and your team members, likely residing near your office, are prime targets for competitor mailings. Capitalize on this by turning direct mail collection into a fun team-building exercise with a family pizza night reward!

Challenge your team to gather all direct mail pieces that they receive at their home from competing home service providers and deposit them into a designated contest box. Each month, one direct mail piece will be selected and the lucky team member’s family will be treated to a company-sponsored pizza dinner.

After each monthly draw, retain the collected direct mail pieces and relaunch the contest. This simple yet effective strategy will provide invaluable insights into your competitors’ direct mail tactics, including content, offers, and mailing frequency. And the only cost is a few pizzas each month!

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the contest:

  • Create a designated contest box: Place a clearly marked box in a common area, such as the break room or reception area, where team members can easily drop off their collected direct mail pieces.
  • Announce the contest and its rules: Clearly communicate the contest details to your team, emphasizing the pizza prize and the objective of gathering competitor direct mail.
  • Establish a monthly drawing schedule: Decide on a specific date or time each month for the random drawing. Announce this schedule beforehand to ensure everyone is aware.
  • Conduct the monthly drawing: On the designated date, gather your team and randomly select a direct mail piece from the contest box. The corresponding team member’s family wins a pizza dinner!
  • Save and restart the contest: After each drawing, retain the collected direct mail pieces and restart the contest the following month.
  • Analyze your competitor’s strategies: Over time, you’ll accumulate a valuable collection of direct mail from your competitors. Analyze this data to identify their content, offers, and mailing frequency. In every market, it’s good to know what marketing materials your customers and prospects are receiving.

Reward your team: Once you’ve gathered sufficient data, and have planned to end the contest, consider rewarding your entire team for their participation. A company-wide office pizza party would be a great way to further build your team and show your appreciation.

By turning direct mail collection into a fun team-building exercise, you’ll not only boost morale but also gain valuable insights into your competitors’ marketing strategies. And all it takes is a few pizzas to fuel your success!

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