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The ROI of Gratitude: How Thank You Cards Can Help Your Home Service Business Grow

OK, you’re a top-notch home service provider, solving problems and leaving homeowners happy. But your work isn’t done until you unleash a secret weapon: a thank-you card. Like a high five for adults, it shows clients you care and makes them feel like valued clients.

Why are thank you cards like rocket fuel for your home service business?

Boost Customer Loyalty: Thank you cards are your good deeds, reminding clients why they chose you and making them feel appreciated. Happy clients are more likely to come back and tell their friends, just like neighbors recommending a trusted service!

Increase Referrals: Referrals are like having your own service squad! A genuine thank you card can nudge clients to spread the word about your awesome work, bringing in new customers like magic.

Stand Out from the Crowd: In a city full of home service companies (aka competitors), standing out is key. Thank you cards show you’re more than just someone who fixes stuff. They show you’re friendly, professional, and truly value your clients. Think of it like having a unique skill that makes you unforgettable! It’s also the right thing to do. Showing gratitude and giving respect to homeowners will set the tone for future sales and service opportunities.

Ready to activate your thank you card power? Here are some thoughts:

  1. Get Ready:

Printed versus Handwritten: Depending on your weekly volume of sales calls, you may decide to use preprinted Thank You cards. They’re fast and easy to send. You can even add your personal touch by signing each one with your first name. Admittedly handwritten notes feel extra special, but they will take you a lot of time and effort.

Personalize it: In your note be sure to mention something specific you enjoyed about working with them, like their helpfulness or clear instructions. You can also toss in a comment like “and give Fido (their dog) a pat on the head for me too”.

Offer a Sweetener: Include a discount for future services or a referral bonus. It’s like giving your clients a welcomed head start to help them tackle future projects!

Go Super-Sweet: For your larger service and installation calls perhaps place a Starbucks card inside the Thank You folder.

  1. Launch Operation Gratitude! Send Those Cards:

Strike While the Iron is Hot: Send cards to your homeowner clients within a week of completing the service call, when their experience is fresh in their mind. The best practice would be to assign the task of sending Thank You cards to someone in your office each Monday. They can then take all the service calls from the prior week and get the cards into Monday’s mail.

Target the Right Audience: Send cards to all your clients from the weeks prior service calls, even small jobs. Everyone deserves appreciation!

  1. Outsource Everything:

Get It Done: If you think that sending Thank You cards might not be the best time spent by your office staff, then consider outsourcing this weekly task to a company that specializes in this service. Simply send them your prior week’s service call list and they can take care of everything for you. If you’re using Service Titan, you can even have your prior week’s service list sent to them automatically. Just ask me how!

Expressing gratitude to your clients shouldn’t be an afterthought. Thank you cards aren’t just a courtesy; they’re a crucial marketing tool for your company. Delaying them, even with good intentions, sends the wrong message and risks damaging your client relationships. Imagine how a homeowner might feel receiving a “thank you” weeks after the service was completed. Wouldn’t you want them to remember your business positively and be more likely to recommend you?

Remember: Thank you cards are small gestures with big impacts. By taking the time to show your appreciation, you’re building strong relationships with your clients thus creating a loyal fan base.

Bonus Tip: If you would like to further your custom service excellence why not send a referral mailer 30 days after you send a Thank You card? Referral mailers are a great way to turn your clients into sales ambassadors for your company.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pen, unleash your creativity, and send those thank you cards flying! With this secret weapon in your arsenal, your home service business will be unstoppable!

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