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Conquer the Home Show with Your Company Booth!

It’s home show season, and your chance to meet your neighbors to tell them just how great your company is. Easy right? Yes, it can be…and fun too! But before you jump into the home show pool, let’s get you prepped for success.

Step 1: Know Your Superpower!

How well do you know your competition who just might be exhibiting at the same home show? What makes your company special? Do you offer unique services or products that set you apart? How many 5-star reviews do you have? Let your booth visitors know why they should choose you to be their home service hero!

Step 2: Design Your Kickass Booth

Think funhouse meets professional! Your booth should be eye-catching and inviting, like a magnet for potential customers. Remember that homeowners walking by do not want to be engaged or approached as they know you’re in sales mode. So have some static displays that make a statement about the typical situations that you find in homes, all without your team even speaking to anyone. Think of conversation starters with graphic examples of the bad things that can happen to homeowners.

  • HVAC – A section of dirty ductwork
  • Plumbers – A cut open water heater with a thick layer of sediment at the bottom.
  • Electricians – A service panel with melted or charred breakers.
  • Branding: Be sure that you have a well-designed booth. If your Home Show is outdoors, consider using a pop-up canopy or tent that is branded for your company. This will define your space and company in the eyes of the homeowners. Think of this as your mini office and everyone walking by is a potential client just about to walk in. If your booth is indoors, do you have a backdrop or very large banner that is again, branded for your company? Do you have a table cover that has your logo and brand colors?
  • Consistency sets the marketing stage for the win:Be sure that everyone from your company is similarly dressed in company shirts. That tells the homeowner that you are a team of coordinated professionals that is ready to speak with them. Bonus points if your shirts have your team member’s name. If not, order some name badges where the first name is really large and easy to read followed by their title. Don’t worry about last names or adding the company logo to the name badge as it will only take up valuable space.
  • Free Stuff FTW:Who doesn’t love swag? Stock up on branded magnets, pens, or useful items like mini toolkits. They’ll serve as reminders of your awesomeness long after the show.

Step 3: Assemble Your Dream Team

Remember, teamwork makes the dream work! Choose a friendly, knowledgeable crew to staff your booth. Be sure to do some role-playing before the event as not everyone is comfortable speaking to strangers…especially at a home show. Practice answering common questions about your services in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand. Remember, a smile is your most powerful tool!

Step 4: Knowledge is Power!

Consider what homeowners typically ask about when it comes to HVAC, plumbing, and electrical issues. Be ready with solutions and helpful tips for things like clogged drains, uneven heating, or flickering lights. Offer quick tips and tricks for common home maintenance tasks. This positions you as a trusted advisor and builds rapport with potential customers.

Step 5: Show Time! Let’s Do This!

The home show is your time to shine! Here are some battle-tested tips:

  • Make a Great First Impression:Greet everyone with a genuinely warm smile. Make eye contact and be approachable. You’re the friendly face of home service and your brand!
  • Be careful with the first words that you say: Do not approach homeowners with the usual talking points like “Are you happy with the heat in your home?” Or “What projects are you thinking about?” UGH…
  • Why not have some fun with the unexpected? Walk up to a homeowner, holding something visual that would start a conversation. Think of show and tell at a museum. Here are some ideas:
  • HVAC company – A dirty air filter or a mason jar filled with dirt and debris that you have removed from a recent duct cleaning. – “Is this what your family is breathing?”
  • Electrical company – A melted surge protector or power strip – “Is this your idea of surge protection?”
  • Plumbing company – A piece of corroded pipe – “Could this be like the pipe in your home that supplies your drinking water?”
  • Capture the Leads:Offer special discounts or free consultations in exchange for contact information. This helps you stay connected with potential customers after the show. Remember, the fight isn’t over until everyone knows where to find their home service hero!

Bonus Missions: Level Up Your Booth Game!

  • Run Contests & Giveaways (a.k.a. Get Contact Info and Leads):Encourage participation with fun activities for bigger prizes. This attracts visitors and generates excitement, making your booth the place to be. Just be sure that the prize is something desirable and not just a home inspection or discount on a future service. Think instead of a $100 Amazon card.
  • Have contest entry slips, pens and clipboards so homeowners can easily give you their contact information so you may tell them that they won the contest. Be sure that your entry slip has a clear note at the bottom that states their contact information may be used for marketing purposes.
  • Here are some ideas for your contest:
  • HVAC company – A dirty air filter – “How many pounds of dirt, dust and debris is removed from the ductwork in the average home?”
  • Electrical company – A very large spool of wire or cable – “Guess how many feet of wire or cable is on this spool?”
  • Plumbing company – A toilet bowl filled with any low-cost item from a dollar store – “Guess how many jelly beans are in this toilet?” Fun visual…eh?
  • Follow-up is Key:After the show, thank everyone who visited your booth and send personalized emails with special offers. This keeps your company fresh in their minds and reminds them who to call when trouble strikes.

Remember, the home show is your chance to be the hero your community needs. By following these tips and letting your unique awesomeness shine through, you’ll have visitors singing your praises and lining up to be your loyal customers. Now go out there and conquer the show!

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